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Crowd Songs at Football Matches Continue to Drive Incredible Atmosphere

Posted on by Jesse Chula

Fans of football, but not shirts As spoiled as we are in America with multiple platforms to view Premier League matches, I get the distinct feeling that HD television viewing, as glorious as it can be, doesn’t come close to … Continue reading

How Many Football Matches Do You Watch Per Week?

Posted on by Jesse Chula

The football supporter is an interesting specie. The sheer amount of time we devote to our passion relegates us to individuals that can be described as borderline obsessive, half psycho, quite anxious and certainly neurotic. Such is the grasp that … Continue reading

What Are Your Football Rituals?

Posted on by Jesse Chula

Last week EPL Talk asked the question, “Who Do You Watch Football With?” – and for the most part, got the variety of answers we were hoping for. It seems everyone from the “all alone football fan”, to the brave … Continue reading

Suspending Animosity: The Football Shirt Swap

Posted on by Ethan Armstrong

It’s the little things.  I’ve been fully enamoured with the concept of the shirt swap since I first saw it in action. Mind you, I’m an American and a latecomer to world football, and we don’t have anything like this in American … Continue reading

Book Review: Perry Boys

Posted on by Lonnie Smetana

(Note: I incorrectly quoted a passage from the book that made it seem like the author had made light of a stabbing/slashing incident. It was my misreading of the passage. I’ve since re-written that section of the review. My sincerent … Continue reading