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What Soccer Websites Could You Not Live Without?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

We all have our vices, and that includes those soccer websites or blogs that we visit frequently — sometimes several times a day. What, for you, are the soccer websites and/or blogs that you can’t live without? The type of … Continue reading

Top 5 Soccer Blogs

Posted on by Christopher Harris

When you type the words “soccer blogs” into Google, the search engine returns a listing of 2.9 million pages indexed. Rather than wade through the massive amount of blogs, here are the top 5 blogs based on the number of … Continue reading

Where Does Your Club Rank in the All-Time Premier League Table?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It’s hardly surprising that Manchester United is the most successful club in Premier League history. What is quite surprising, though, is where a lot of the other clubs are positioned in the all-time Premier League table. Where does your favorite … Continue reading