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Spain’s Possible Free Agents

It’s a time that brings up quite a bit of talk and brings up hope to various fans.  It is also a time of concern for various others as their lists seems to be bigger than normal.  Furthermore, the lists include some of the teams’ nuclei.   What many teams […]

Buy the Premier League Theme Song

People often write to me at EPL Talk about where they can buy the Premier League anthem or theme song. They usually ask about the classic one remixed by DJ Judge Jules, and sometimes the most recent one by Peter Lawlor. Thanks to a tip from reader Charles Hurley, we […]

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Fan zones maintained for Euro 2016 despite security fears

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (above) confirmed Tuesday that fan zones will be maintained but with increased security during Euro 2016 despite recent terrorist attacks which left 130 dead in France. The attacks included three large explosions caused by suicide bombers outside the Stade de France — where the Euro […]