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Daylight Savings Time Favors Soccer Fans in U.S.

For you soccer die-hards who have been waking up at all hours of a Saturday or Sunday morning to get your Premiership fix, relief is on its way. Beginning March 11, the U.S. will move to Daylight Savings Time several weeks before usual, while the European Union won’t move their […]

Monday Review

Sadly, I have yet to see a minute of MLS or WPS action this weekend due to work commitments. I did see plenty of USL-1 action but for a better summary please check out the USL Week in Review from Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer. Tuesday evening we’ll release […]

In This Year’s Relegation Battle, No One Is Safe

The beauty of the Premier League is that there are always three distinct races within the table, and after 23 rounds of this Premier League season, none of those races are decided. In the race for first place, only two points separate top-of-the-table Manchester United from Liverpool and Chelsea, while […]

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