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Tag Archives: european championship

Capello Is One Step Away From Being a Dead Man Walking

Posted on by John Nicholson

The great thing about football is that it is a never-ending soap opera. One tournament draws to a conclusion and it’s not long before another begins. In a little over a week, the Under 19s European Championship gets underway with … Continue reading

It’s Arrogant to Call Internationals Boring

Posted on by Richard Whittall

Gentleman, let us put away childish things. Yes, international breaks can provide some godawful football.  Yes, it doesn’t seem fair for a player to risk injury for a team he plays with only five times a year and miss games … Continue reading

FIFA Needs To Revamp International Football

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It’s time for FIFA to rethink international football. In 1992, UEFA changed the European Cup to the Champions League and transformed European club football into a more entertaining product that generates vast sums of money. It also didn’t hurt that … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why The European Football Championship Is Better Than The World Cup

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Ask any soccer fan about their favorite World Cup memory and you’ll immediately see a smile on their face and hear the enthusiasm in his or her voice. My favorite memory was my first World Cup when I saw Archie … Continue reading

TV Schedule for European Championship Matches On ESPN Classic

Posted on by Christopher Harris

If you live in the United States and you have ESPN Classic on your satellite or cable package, you’re in for a treat over the next two weeks. Earlier today (Monday, May 26), ESPN Classic broadcasted the 1972 European Championship … Continue reading