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ESPN To Acquire Premier League TV Rights? Roundtable Discussion

Posted on by Christopher Harris

According to a recent article in The Times newspaper, the Walt Disney Company has expressed an interest in bidding for the TV rights to the Premier League in the United Kingdom and United States. The next auction of broadcast rights … Continue reading

Viewership Numbers For ESPN Euro '08 Broadcasts So Far Are Not Bad

Posted on by Jeff Hash

So, after having over 1 million viewers tune in for the UEFA Champions League Final last month, how is ESPN doing with the early broadcasts for Euro 2008?  The answer is not as well as the final, but fairly decent … Continue reading

Euro 08 Coverage From ESPN Classic

Posted on by Christopher Harris

In the United States, ESPN Classic has kicked off their build-up to the coverage of Euro 2008 with a bang. In addition to the nightly broadcast of classic encounters from previous European Championships, the TV network is also airing the … Continue reading

TV Schedule for European Championship Matches On ESPN Classic

Posted on by Christopher Harris

If you live in the United States and you have ESPN Classic on your satellite or cable package, you’re in for a treat over the next two weeks. Earlier today (Monday, May 26), ESPN Classic broadcasted the 1972 European Championship … Continue reading