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Fulham and Liverpool Fans: Beware of Bobby Gould

Previously, I’ve written about how English soccer matches sound better on radio than television, as well as how the FA Cup third round is made for radio not TV. Richard Whittall from the A More Splendid Life blog agreed. However, I was wrong. What I should have said is that […]

Book Review: A Random History Of Football

Colin Murray is fast becoming the rising star of British sport punditry. After cutting his teeth with Channel 5’s football coverage here in the UK, Murray has slowly been making his mark at BBC Radio 5 through the excellent Fighting Talk. Last summer, Murray officially joined Radio 5 as a […]

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Xherdan Shaqiri continues the Stoke City revolution

Gone are the days of Rory Delap’s long throw-ins, Robert Huth’s physicality and Tony Pulis’ route one soccer at Stoke City. Not that there’s anything wrong with that style of play. The traditional refrain of “a rainy, cold Tuesday night,” no longer applies to the side that has been constructed. […]

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