Nor-were-we (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

That isn’t it though is it? Chelsea still have to visit Liverpool and Liverpool still have to visit Palace and City still have all of those games in hand. But at least something is sure for Brendan’s men: Champions League football next season. As Stevie says: “We go again” on the world soccer talk podcast.

It’s a little different for Manchester United who will not be in the most auspicious competition in European football next season. They might not even make Europa League. Moyes looked despondent at his old stomping ground as Martinez and Everton romped through the Devils like they were Everton before Moyes…

Elsewhere, Palace continue an incredible streak and Sunderland decide to pull it together…but that’s too late for Gus, even if miracles do happen. Problem for him seems: “Some mothers do ‘av em”.

So, World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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