League Of Beasts (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

In this weekend’s episode, host Nick Webster is joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer and Nate Abaurrea as they dissect all of the major talking points from a busy weekend of Premier League soccer including the Malky Mackay and Iain Moody controversy, where it’s going wrong for Manchester United, whether Arsenal is the real thing this season, and the defensive frailties at Everton.

The trio discuss these topics and many more from the second weekend of the 2014/15 Premier League season.

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4 thoughts on “League Of Beasts (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Great pod. Did Matt pussy out due to the fact the someone(Nick W) finally called him out on his over simplification and generalization of everything football.

  2. Am I going crazy or are the members of this podcast making the rather…interesting argument that people getting called out on using horribly racist, sexist and homophobic language is making the league less fun and more robotic?

    That was certainly a side to the debate that I hadn’t considered. Should players and managers worry about saying things that can be misconstrued as hateful? If they’re going to be using the delightful words that Mackay (supposedly) did, then I DO hope this scandal makes them stop and think twice. There’s no misconstruing what was said in those text messages.

  3. Racism, homophobia, sexism and anti-semitism are SOOO entertaining, its certainly why I’ve been a soccer fan all my life of 5 decades. Yeah, I’m being sarcastic. The most disgusting aspect of this scandal to me personally is that these guys aren’t the hideous puffy old dinosaurs that still lurk around the global game, they are younger than me and should definitely know better.

    I really hoped to hear something intelligent about this issue but didn’t. Creating some sort of bizarre false dichotomy between hateful ugliness and robotic politically correct scripting is ridiculous. Calling it banter is the weakest of excuses, and making it sound normal is offensive to all those people involved in the game who would NEVER say or think the things found in those texts.

    American soccer has a chance to brand itself as something relatively free from this old crap in a genuine way, not a fake-for-the-media way. Its not the NFL or the NBA and that is a very good thing. Do the podcast talkers really want to support this sort of ‘entertainment’ here to improve the popularity and entertainment value of our version of soccer? Did they read any of the scathing editorials in the british sports press afterwards? Why on earth would you guys want to sound like apologists?

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