Kostly Week (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

It was a weekend of mixed competition. Cup, league: and to trail it all there was international football. So the pod take you all over the world with a range of views and news from around the competitions.

United get their second convincing result as they look forward to greeting Liverpool next week and Arsenal end up thrashing Everton with four goals. Chelsea tried to do the same.

Where to start? City and their cup problems against Wigan…World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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One thought on “Kostly Week (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Morgan, you make some really great points and often impress with your stats, but it is impossible to take you seriously when you constantly bring it back to Chelsea.

    I don’t know why I expect it not to happen. I honestly thought you were going to get through the Giroud/Arsenal/Bayern portion then… “Chelsea…”

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