It’s Not R… (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

A bizarre weekend in English Football! Go take a look. Really! It was. So the pod sit down and leave Kartik Krishnaiyer a very long message.

Arsene now has a lil time to think whilst Mou and his men move forward…and upward. Can they keep their position in the table with difficult trips still to come for them?

Elsewhere, United won and so did Spurs. The race for 5th is more interesting now? Equally, the race to stay up is starting to become clearer. Do Palace really want to stay up if they have Pulis? Is Pulis that bad? Is he bad at all?

Take a look at the highlights that Laurence was talking about here.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Not R… (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Haven’t listend in a while, thought I’d try again. Kristian with good observations, observations that neutral Sports writers seem to ignore about Sherwood as they try and ram Sherwood down our throats as the best man for the job because he’s English.

    The guy is so far out of his depth its ridiculous. he’s an embarrassment to the club.

    The way he publicly went after the Benfica boss post game was shameful and telling reinforcing the assertions about his behavior behind the scenes and about people in the club that he doesn’t like.

    He has been divisive in the squad IMO, his public outbursts and negative comments about players who are international quality are just some of the many issues I have with him.

    The sooner he is out of the club the better. Levy out is also something I have come around to. Too many times I have fallen for “the Project” and assumed best intent, its over. Sherwood out ! Levy out !

    Larry Ellison, Save my Club!

    1. Dust
      Larry needs to buy Forest the new laughing stock of England.I am about to pitch all my Forest gear i am so pissed off.

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