England (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

The 30 came out and England rejoiced that the squad actually looks somewhat adventurous. Roy Hodgson at the head of it though and so there is a tapered optimism in England for the World Cup. Listen to the podcast team preview their starting 11, who will be a key men and where England will make in the cup.

Who is your starting XI, let us know and we’ll discuss the decisions before the tournament starts. World, let’s Talk Soccer:

World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk

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Matt J: @MattJFootball

Matt L: @MattsMusings1

Morgan: @morgangreen

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast:

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4 thoughts on “England (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)”

    1. Let me look into it. In the meantime, you can play the episode from the player in the right sidebar (second one down).

      1. Will do but the problem with the one on the right is that it automatically goes into the next audio clip. I usually listen to the pod as I fall asleep so dont want it to keep playing on and on coz it ends up waking me… !!! much prefer the standalone option..

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