De-Fone-It-In (EPL Talk Review Podcast)


Return of the forgotten strikers this weekend as they sail on the ripples of successful teammates: Jermaine and Nando both grabbing goals during tricky wins for London sides. SAS also made a gun-toting, hooting and hollering return to the league with an assist and goal compliment.

Elsewhere, Swansea made it hard work for United whilst other sides decided to dig deep and burst out of the relegation zone. This season is the tightest in recent memory. Be careful what you wish for: it might just come true. But with the league and coverage feeling so cruel this season, don’t be too quick to judge if your team will achieve their goal this season. Having said that, the top 7 could all get wins this weekend if Arsenal triumph on Monday, so hegemony still reigns in some ways.

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