Cups That Do/n’t Count (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

It was the League Cup Final weekend and the World Soccer Talk team is here to break down all the action. The pod discusses FFP and whether it is actually fair as well as whether Sol Campbell would have really been England Captain for a decade.  World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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8 thoughts on “Cups That Do/n’t Count (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)”

      1. He’s linking to an incident that happened in Baltimore that Morgan referred to in this week’s podcast.

      1. As much as I love hearing about various football leagues and comparing them to others on the podcast, can we please give the NFL references a rest? This is two podcasts in a row that you brought it back to the Ravens.

        Enough of the Ravens or any NFL team.

  1. Be careful about saying things like “the only time [Sol Campbell] opens his mouth” is with accusations of racism. Is that true? I think its more likely that the only time anyone in the media writes about anything he says is when it concerns racism. This, I think, might be the real problem. (For example, I don’t think I’ve ever read an article about his charity work (

  2. I appreciate your open discussion on the Sol Campbell race claim. As a black woman born in England and now living in America I can appreciate the very small numbers of black people that I see as managers, captains, or in other places of influence within the EPL. As you suggest Sol may be wrong or he may be right in his thoughts on the issue of race in the EPL. They are his own experiences and thoughts after all. Who are any of us to say what he should believe. If he thinks there is a problem then he thinks there is a problem. The better question perhaps to address to Sol is what he plans to do to find a solution to this percieved problem.
    Thank you for understanding that as a white person it is very difficult to empathize with the issue of race in Football. It’s simply not your experience in the USA or UK. That’s a fact and there is nothing wrong with understanding or acknowledging that fact. It’s always worthwhile however to ask the question and hold that thought up to the light. Are there fewer opportunities for black players, managers, etc within the EPL then should be reasonably expected? Thank you for addressing Sol’s claim. It’s been discussed among ourselves.

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