Belgium (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Oh the excitement surrounding Belgium eh? That unknown of a youthful zest for a mid-European side and their newly found lease of audacity, mystery and fame. How will they do though?

The pod look at formations and formulas for winning the World Cup. Let’s Talk World Soccer:

World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kris: @KHeneage

Matt J: @MattJFootball

Matt L: @MattsMusings1

Morgan: @morgangreen

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast:

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6 thoughts on “Belgium (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)”

  1. Great series of podcasts guys. Just wondered if you could upgrade the embedded player? It has a habit of constantly crashing and it’s disrupting my enjoyment.

    1. If you like, there’s a different embeddable player that’s near the top right of the sidebar on every page, which features the latest episode. Hope that helps!

      Thanks Craig for the kind words.

  2. like the WC pods lads but theyre too short … Any chance of doing two teams on the same POD & makin them a hour long like normal ???

  3. time for a new pod! loving them so far but how in the world are going to get through all of the countries? might have to pick up the pace:-)

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