A New Beginning – EPL Weekend Review (World Soccer Talk Podcast)

The debut weekend of the 2014/15 Premier League season was a new beginning for football supporters as we welcomed many of our favorite footballers back to the TV sets. And at World Soccer Talk, it’s a new beginning as we introduce a brand-new host to the longest-running soccer podcast on the planet — Nick Webster.

Many soccer followers in the States will know Nick from his days on Fox Soccer Channel. At FSC, Nick was a prominent figure both behind the scenes and in front of the camera during the growth of FSC.

In this weekend’s episode, Webster is joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer and Matt Lichtenstadter as they dissect all of the major talking points from a busy weekend of Premier League soccer.

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Before we go, we’d like to thank the crew of Laurence McKenna, Kris Heneage and Morgan Green for their hard work on the World Soccer Talk Podcast during the past few years.

And please join me in welcoming Nick to the fold as the new host of the World Soccer Talk Podcast.

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19 thoughts on “A New Beginning – EPL Weekend Review (World Soccer Talk Podcast)”

    1. Webster was a breath of fresh air compared to that squeaky little gerbil Matt L. or that hyperventilating broken record that is Kartik.

    1. Is Kristan gone too??? Damn. It seems like he just wants loud annoying characters on the POD now.. Laurence was annoying but at least he wasnt always shouting. This guy Nick is terrible.

  1. haha i liked the new host, certainly spiced things up! otherwise things can get a little dull.. he has a good energy. i have a feeling some of the unsatisfied comments above are from spurs fans 😛

  2. Well, this is disappointing. Laurence was great. Kris was great. I’ve always liked Kartik. I’m not a fan of the 2 newest guys Nick & Matt. Both overly abrasive and not representative of what I came to love in this podcast 3+ years ago. Sadly, I probably won’t have a reason to listen anymore.

  3. LOVE NICK and will miss Lozcast. Looking forward to hearing Nick and at least he is keeping Matt from draging on with nonsence.

  4. oh good God please dont let this horrible, abrasive, loud & irritating host be a regular… I never thought Id say this but … I miss Laurence. I just cant listen to the POD anymore if this loud annoyin unfunny shock jock guy is presenting it… such a shame. I loved the PODS.

  5. Chris:

    One of the best things about this site and the podcasts was the content, the discussion. It wasn’t like all these typical morning sports radio shows here in the states. Please don’t change that. Last week’s podcast was unbearable. The Epl Talk podcast as I like to refer to it, is my number 1 pod.

    If there is a need for change, I understand. I just hope it is someone other than this show’s host.

    The ethos of the show has always been about the discussion. This show was anything but. It was gimmicky questions with an abrasive hosts delivering them. Can Farley come back? How about Green, Hennage, etc.

    As always, I love the site.


  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback. We’ve received a lot of positive comments by e-mail, too, as well as a couple of negative messages.

    We hope you join us in looking forward to listening to the upcoming episodes — released every Sunday night.

  7. Have to agree the new bunch is overly abrasive…it seems as though the current format emphasizes silly banter over thoughtful analysis. Very disappointing new direction for the podcast.

    1. It’s a completely different style. The old one was more analytical, but the podcast wasn’t released on a reliable basis. The new style is more in-your-face and released every Sunday night like clockwork.

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