The Last Run (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

As the Premier League enters the final stretch of the season the podcast are feeling the burn too. Are you? International football only continued the intensity of the campaign, but heightened our taste for the final goal. So who rose to the occasion? In section one of the podcast there is a flight around the world, looking out of all windows and taking in the beautiful view. Brazil is the destination.

Then the podcast get back home, the EPL. Unpack, make a tea and look forward to the weekend. Which games matter most to you this weekend? It’s just a cliche to say that some games don’t matter, right? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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5 thoughts on “The Last Run (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

  1. The group H table is very tight already, especially with Ukraine having yet to play San Marino (so they still have 6pts in the bag). The San Marino results confuse things so how about a table that just ignores those results? Here is what it looks like:

    Ukraine P5 2W 2D 1L +2 8pts
    Mont’ro P4 2W 2D 0L +2 8pts
    England P4 1W 3D 0L +5 6pts
    Poland P4 1W 2D 1L +0 5pts
    Moldova P5 0W 1D 4L -7 1pts

    As every team will get 6pts from San Marino, this is IMHO a better representation of where the teams are at right now. Make of that what you will…

  2. Was listening to the pod at work. Heard the comment being read, gotta admit, I had to bit down on my lip to keep from yelling out in excitement. That was pretty cool. Let me explain myself a bit, Peru and Liverpool supporter here, so I cheer for Luis when he is in red but not in sky blue. I would love Uruguay to make it to the WC but not at the expense of Peru. The newest Luis Suarez incident, I don’t blame the guy, when you see the reverse angle to why Luis lashed out I don’t think you will blame him either. Listener for life.

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