Sid Lowe Interview (Voices Of Soccer)

Journalist Sid Lowe has just published a brand-new book entitled Fear And Loathing In La Liga, Barcelona vs Real Madrid. We had the distinct pleasure of spending time with him, to discuss the book in great detail, as well as how politics plays a role in the division between Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as other aspects of these two Spanish giants.

Fear And Loathing In La Liga is currently available at all fine booksellers in Europe, and is available by mail order from the UK. The book will be published in the United States in April, 2014.

Hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer, Voices Of Soccer is our weekly program that will feature exclusive interviews with remarkable people from the world of soccer. In addition to Voices of Soccer, World Soccer Talk recently launched This Week In Soccer, a weekly discussion show — and Press ‘A’ To Shoot, a weekly show focused on soccer video games, computer games and Fantasy Premier League. Plus, the EPL Talk Podcast from World Soccer Talk is released weekly, which offers insight and analysis on the world’s most popular sports league.

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6 thoughts on “Sid Lowe Interview (Voices Of Soccer)”

  1. I’m enjoying this feature, good mix of people and the briefer time sequence adds- sometimes I think some of the podcasts are too lengthy and just bog down in repetition or superfluous banter that detracts from the main point

  2. Its an excellent book thus far, very detailed. BTW you can get it through amazon (in the US)if you go under new and used section, thats how i got mine without shipping directly from the UK.

  3. Thank you. Sid Lowe is always cool to listen to. Appreciate his insights into Spanish football and look forward to reading his book.

    1. The Defoe and Lowe interviews were recorded by telephone, so it’s sometimes difficult to control the audio quality, but we’re working on improving the sound quality for future episodes. Thanks Benny for asking!

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