Season Review Two (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It looks as if the thing which separates the top from the bottom half is squad management and luck in the league. The pod keep this in mind as they shuttle from ten to one in the second part of the season review podcast.

In this pod they cover the champions, top four and the almost was’ of the campaign. Should they really be so harshly judged if they didn’t get what we expected of them?

What was your highlight of the season? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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3 thoughts on “Season Review Two (EPL Talk Special Podcast)”

  1. A couple of things:

    -My Manchester United highlight for the just concluded season: RvP’s hat trick vs. Southhampton last fall. Not a great MU performance, but it showcased what a good investment RvP was for the team, as it was one of many times he saved their bacon.

    -Nothing – ok, few things – would make this Chelsea hater happy than to see Fernando Torres stick around and continue to score only intermittently. Yay!

    -Agree that were it not for van Persie & Bale, Mata would be player of the year.

    -As for a highlight of the season: Bale’s game-winner against West Ham – and the goal celebration!

  2. Guys,

    I just started following the premier league this year. I am a newbie football fan from America, but with help from the team of the EPL podcast I am a football addict now! I have chosen to support Liverpool FC. I only wish I was able to see Steven Gerrard in his prime. I youtubed his career highights and saw he was a very successful scorer from distance.

    my personal favorite Liverpool hilite from this past season is Gerrards goal against City at the Etihad to give the Reds the lead late. Considering Liverpool was in a stretch where they had no wins against the top of the table I thought this might be it…

    …my lolite came in the same game when Aguerro equalized off a misplay by Reina and the stigma of not winning a match against a top table side continued.

    my league hilite was Gareth Bale showing his tremendous pace, almost end to end blowing by the entire Man. United team, and scoring helping to give Spurs the victory at Old Trafford.

    my wacky moment of the year has to be Suarez bite on Ivanovic then equalizing the match late in ET and stealing 2 points from Chelsea.
    Runner up is Peter Odemwingie saying goodbye to West Brom and driving all the way to QPRs training ground thinking a deal was in place to transfer, having the deal fall through, and having to drive back to West Brom when he wasnt allowed in. EMBARRASSING!

    Continued success for everybody on the podcast and EPL talk in general. Cant wait for next year and NBC’s coverage.

    Cheers from a Yank

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