Press ‘A’ To Shoot – Football Manager Review

Football Manager 2014 is here. Join Matt and Morgan as they host a love in for the greatest sports simulation known to man!

This week’s episode looks at the new features for this years iteration, how the new look affects the way the game plays and also at the development of the Football Manager Classic mode.

There is also an explanation of just how this game manages to evoke such strong emotions and dedication from football fans.

Please get in touch with the guys and let them know what you think of the game, as well as any stories of how Football Manager has affected your day-today existence in the real world.




@kkfla737 – Kartik


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One thought on “Press ‘A’ To Shoot – Football Manager Review”

  1. I need a consult from the two experts. As someone who describes himself as the Harry Redknapp of FM, I have had a bad run of luck at FM13. Two teams, two really bad strings of results that have seen them essentially relegated. Both were very low level because I thought it would be more organic starting low and moving up. I’ve also played in the “Challenge” mode. I think I need a reset on playing FM – any advice for a born again FMer on how to start off on the right foot? What level to play, etc.?

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