Press ‘A’ To Shoot: Episode 3

Press A To Shoot is back! Albeit down a man but that’s why we have an academy. Kris Heneage joins Morgan Green this week and shares his views on the history of FIFA vs. PES. We discuss FIFA Ultimate Team and the pros and cons of the popular gaming feature.

In the final section we answer some reader e-mails, give some tips on how to avoid those dirty dirty quitters and a bit of a defensive tutorial!



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2 thoughts on “Press ‘A’ To Shoot: Episode 3”

  1. Why so much dislike for PES? This year’s edition (on PC) feels so much better than FIFA.

    The players and ball have weight to them. It seems in FIFA that it is sped up arcade like and all actions are instantaneous when the buttons are pressed.

    Whereas in PES you have to plan ahead what you want to do because physics are involved in the player’s ability to maneuver.

    Last year I enjoyed FIFA, but I’ve really grown fond of PES 2014 this year. Perhaps it just me.

    1. Same here. I personally like PES just as much as FIFA. To me, it’s similar to a battle between VHS and Betamax. The one that wins (FIFA) isn’t necessarily the better. It’s just that it’s more popular (and a large part of that is due to the licenses EA/FIFA has).

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