Moyes At Man United, Grass vs Turf and Qatar World Cup 2022 (This Week In Soccer)

In the seventh episode of This Week In Soccer, the panel discuss three important topics: (1) What’s a reasonable expectation for David Moyes’s first season at United?, (2) To what extent is soccer just SUPPOSED to be played on grass? and (3) Should FIFA members begin speaking out against Qatar worker slavery now?

The guests on this week’s episode are:

Laurence McKenna (EPL Talk Podcast host)

Richard Farley (, and

Kartik Krishnaiyer (Senior Writer, World Soccer Talk).

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3 thoughts on “Moyes At Man United, Grass vs Turf and Qatar World Cup 2022 (This Week In Soccer)”

  1. If Russia wants to have anti-gay laws, then they ought to be free to do that. Fifa shouldn’t be biased just because of a country’s views on homosexuality. Other countries ought to be tolerant of their views and understand that they are just playing a game.

    Bullying another country to accept views that they deem to be not good is wrong as well (referring to the comment that countries should boycott or threaten to boycott).

    1. So, if I’m reading this correctly…Russia should be free to oppose homosexuality but other countries are not free to disagree with that?



      1. No, not at all. You should feel free to disagree with anyone’s beliefs. What I am saying is that it should go both ways. Tolerance is putting up with something you don’t agree with.

        I don’t think soccer is the place to legislate who gets to play based on beliefs about certain social issues. It would be different if the issue is more severe, such as genocide.

        Did that clarify?

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