Just One Game? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

One EPL related game in the UCL. Just one EPL game this weekend. They are cutting off our football and forcing us to appreciate the wider world. With this in mind the pod take a look at their own rules of FFP and debate the future of football; how do we guide football into a safety?

United got a deserved, yet, strange draw in away to Real Madrid as Mourinho romanced the United back room staff and continued to thrust Ronaldo on the opposition. How will the second leg go at Old Trafford? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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One thought on “Just One Game? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

  1. Wasn’t the EPL formed just 20 years ago in order to make the top clubs more competitive in Europe? Why in the world would Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, et al, agree to a system where they would forfeit the profits from their brand, in order to prop up clubs like QPR, Portsmouth, etc.

    The difference between MLB, which has no salary cap and whose financial model most closely resembles the free market EPL, and the EPL itself is that the lowest teams in MLB have no threat of being relegated to a lower league. As long as relegation is part of the equation, there is no incentive for United and the other top clubs to agree to share anything.

    In the NFL, all 32 teams split the profits of merchandise (jersey sales, for example) equally and split gate receipts 60/40 to the home team. Would United ever agree to give away 95% of their shirt sales to the rest of the league? Why would they?

    The thought of imposing a salary cap in English/European football to match that of the NFL/NBA/NHL would almost have to create an end to the relegation system, which is one of the best things about the current system. Trust me, I’m not getting up at 6:00 a.m. to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars v. Houston Texans, but I did do that to watch QPR v Norwich recently. The relegation battle keeps those lower-tier teams interesting to watch.

    As a fan of both EPL and US sports, I wouldn’t aspire to make the EPL more like US sports. They’re messed up in their own ways.

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