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SAT, 2:30PM ET

FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 Demos Plus Fantasy Premier League Therapy (Press ‘A’ To Shoot)

In this, the debut episode of Press ‘A’ To Shoot, a brand-new weekly show from World Soccer Talk, hosts Matt Duncan and Morgan Green bring you the latest opinions and analysis regarding the latest soccer video games, computer games and fantasy football.

Matt and Morgan discuss the pros and cons of the demos for FIFA 14 and PES 2014, first impressions of the new soundtrack, what grates Morgan about Pro Evolution Soccer and how you, the listeners, can help Matt improve his Fantasy Premier League team that is floundering.

Press ‘A’ To Shoot is one of three new shows on World Soccer Talk. The other shows are Voices Of Soccer, which is a new weekly program that feature exclusive interviews with remarkable people from the world of soccer. In addition to Voices of Soccer, World Soccer Talk recently launched This Week In Soccer, a weekly discussion show. Plus, the EPL Talk Podcast from World Soccer Talk is released weekly, which offers insight and analysis on the world’s most popular sports league.

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4 Responses to FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 Demos Plus Fantasy Premier League Therapy (Press ‘A’ To Shoot)

  1. Trevor says:

    Hey fellas, love the idea for the podcast! Must say though, the video game comparison was a little rough. Didn’t seem like there was much time spent with either game before the review. My thoughts–

    1. Majority of issues presented about PES can all be fixed. Names by players, the mouse-based substitution system, even the licenses are all easily changed. All things that can be found out by spending a little more time with the game. The review was mostly Morgan making hyperbolic statements and venting. Didn’t learn anything from it.

    2. FIFA review was better. More variety of positive and negatives. Like/agree with the crossing issue. Do feel there are a lot of things that are huge additions to the demo that aren’t mentioned, though. True shot and player momentum are two of the massively marketed new features from EA. Deserve a shout.

    3. Generally, I love the idea. I just feel like I’m listening to two very casual fans make some off the cuff judgements. Would prefer to feel like there was some solid time/research going in to the final product.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Morgan Green says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s much appreciated and we will definitely get working in all of that.

  3. princefad1 says:

    Couldn’t disagree with the review for PES any more. PES2014 is awesome, and one of the best football games ever made for a while. Sounds like Morgan just sucks at it. Sorry.

    • Morgan Green says:

      Hi Princefad1,

      May I ask why you think it’s one of the best football games ever made? Is really like some context as it has been a while since I’ve played PES. Perhaps you could shoot me an email and fill me in on why you think it’s so good. We’d appreciate it a lot!

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