Faux-Cup (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

A strange time of the season as football builds up and managers begin to look at fixture lists to rotate with an intense expression, which has changed from the start of the season. This is an expression of deep thought and sometimes angst, as they work out how to get the best out of their developed side. This is no longer potential team, this is meant to be the real thing. Results carry a different weight, not least in the FA Cup where Chelsea and City tasted success, whilst Arsenal felt the wrath of FA Cup.

Worse still, Arsenal really did taste the wrath of the fans, who were furious with Wenger yet again. Kris questions where the responsibility lies as the pod look ahead to Tuesday night with Bayern. Arsenal to revive their ailing season? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast each day:

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7 thoughts on “Faux-Cup (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. gaffer, any chance you guys put a video? you know like all three or four of you performing the podcast on video.

    Football weekly had one of theirs on video and it was nice to see their interactivity during the podcast.

    plus it would be interesting to see who’s picking their nose, scratching their butt lol just kidding gaffer:) seriously it would help to see the interactivity between you guys.

    1. M Owen, we’ve talked about it — doing a live or recorded video. The tricky part is balancing the bandwidth with trying to make sure that the audio quality is still just as good for podcast listeners. Video can be a bandwidth hog.

      We’re thinking through some ideas though.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      The Gaffer

      1. M Owen,

        Gaffer and I are working on plans for video which compliments the podcast. We’ve got cool things to come. More than just pod extras, I’m excited!



    1. I wish we could, but we don’t have the rights to show the clips or to repackage them — other than the way we do it now.

      The Gaffer

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