EPL This, EPL That (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The league returns this weekend but the pod try to dissect what that actually means for a lot of sides. As the transfer window is still open and the potential of so many sides is still to be decided (by who?) we take a look through the opening performances of the weekend and try to decipher what some managers were thinking.

For some it was service resumed, for others it was a fresh start and then there were a few who looked like they haven’t even started yet. What did you think about your side? Or any side? Computer games too: what computer game is your team? It’s time to Talk World Soccer; World Soccer Talk; Talk Soccer, World:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Morgan: @Morgan_Green

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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20 thoughts on “EPL This, EPL That (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. I gave it another go…its the first week of the new season…why not?

    not that it matters what one listener thinks at all, but why world soccer talk persist with Morgan Green is beyond me…lol…

    I do not agree with everyone on the pod, but thats the point right!
    Everyone else seems to base their opinion off of reality in so shape or form, Morgan however seems to base it off…well..not that.

    Unfortunately the risk of not knowing beforehand when he speaks to risky.

    good job everyone else tho…ha!

    1. Frankly dustykins I’m shocked. All the praise I heaped on your team this off season and I still can’t get you to like me. I picked your team to finish fourth and this is how I’m re payed? Bad show old chap.

  2. Finally someones realized that morgan is terrible at podding. His opinions are really biased and are complete b.s.

    1. I’ve always thought he had no clue, I did foolishly hope that he had either A) moved on or B) got better, found a clue, picked it up and kept it… But no…which is a shame

        1. Ha!

          This feedback doesn’t matter one bit that is clear, but, one can live in hope that one day ill tune back in and you won’t be there, you’ll have joined the dynamos at fox, in a move that will gratify those that would listen to the pod but just can’t chance it.

          Fox if you are reading, Morgan would be a great addition, someone to make wynalda look like Neville…

          He’d love it, like he states bellow, he has the best’est voice ever!

          Some one give him so much work he just doesn’t have time for the podcast.

          C’mon Fox…just do it…Imagine Wynalda! Boom! Stone! Boom! Barton! Boom! MOGRAN Boom!

          We all live in hope.

      1. Usually I disagree with you on everything, Dust… This is one point in which I totally agree with you. The Weekly Chelsea Love Fest is tiring and the snarky comments are getting old.

        1. Frederick,

          Would you believe that Gaffer shot that suggestion down? Tried it months ago and it didn’t work. C`est la vie.

        2. Ha!

          It’s very normal for Spurs & Farsenal to agree about chelski…the thing that makes this freakish is that the chelski factor is pure fluke…irrespective if team he has no clue…

    2. My opinions may be “biased” but I do have the best audio of the group and the best voice* so I’d say my general podding skill is quite good.

      *that’s a biased opinion

  3. Kartk is yapping trash on the Arsenal penalty. It was not ever in a million years a penalty. Not a fan of Arsenal but they were very hard done against Villa.

  4. Gents –

    Excellent pod as usual. One thing I want to add to the Arsenal discussion is the fact that fans feel hard done by the way they feel the club is treating them. I agree that spending gobs of money because everyone else is may not be the best strategy, but when the club charges the highest prices in the Premier League it’s hard for fans to swallow a lack of transfer spending. This is a bigger gripe I hear from Arsenal fans in London who feel like the club is catering to American tourists (like, well, me) and watering down the Highbury experience while soaking local fans for as much as possible. That dynamic plays into this situation in a major way.

  5. Great pod yet again guys. I don’t usually comment, but after seeing the above comments I just want to pipe up and issue a voice of support for Morgan. I enjoy a diversity of views, voices, biases, and opinions on the pod. Nothing wrong with that…

    1. American owners don’t get a break because in general they are shite. As much as I hate to say it only Spurs have gotten a decent owner. The Villians have an “okay” owner. Liverpool’s owner has not been there long enough to form an opinion and we all know that the clowns that own the team I support are simply bleeding it dry, but as a United fan I have been there long before the Glazers and hopefully will be there long after they are gone.

      By the way I still think they might have forced the old man out “yes I believe in conspiracies” LMFAO!!

  6. Some great analysis on the Southampton West Brom game guys. Seriously? 30 seconds of Morgan saying he caught barely any of it and it was a snooze-fest? What happened to the in-depth analysis of every single game that I have come to enjoy in years past?

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