Di Canio Believe It? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

We open tonight’s pod with our usual dissection of the Champions League. Did Thiago Silva prove why Joey Barton will never be a credible pundit? Did Zlatan Ibrahimovic struggle mentally? Have Juventus got a chance against Bayern Munich? All will attempt to be revealed.

On tonight’s pod we also become somewhat reflective. In light of Paolo Di Canio’s ‘passionate’ exchange with journalists we analyse the relationship between the media and those they covet so much.

In amongst our self-evaluation further football chat breaks out as we try to decide if Paolo will conquer the tough test of Stamford Bridge. With Sunderland delicately poised above the dreaded relegation zone we also look at their near rivals including Newcastle who face the might of Benfica Thursday.

Not content with one jaunt into Europe, we assess how all our sides will fair in their mid-week games. Can Chelsea best Rubin and will Basel leave Spurs feeling Fawlty? You’ll never know unless you download this week’s EPL Talk mid-week review.

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