Bordering on Borders (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Borders don’t matter anymore do they? Or do they? The pod can’t decide if they like the border protection policy of the English or if everyone involved in the situation is a complete hypocrite for even wanting to define foreign or not. To continue the debate, tune into TWIS for more international discussion.

The pod list and look at who is going to Brazil in 2014, with Iran and South Korea at the top of the agenda. RvP scored a hat-trick and Skrt scored an boring own goal, poor guy.

Elsewhere, Kris and Morgan are getting good at FIFA 14 and Kartik wonders where football morals went. So: Let’s Talk Soccer, World:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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5 thoughts on “Bordering on Borders (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. I gotta say it was surprising and wonderful that Lozcast and co. recorded podcast on international break.

    I am an Asian American who was naturalized about 10 years ago, and lived in US majority of my life. I was born in South Korea, and my parents are both South Korean. I am not sure where I fit into. I always felt that I am not really American or Korean. If you ask me choose which country I like to represent, I’ll probably choose US and proud to represent the country, but there will be always that ill feeling inside that I am not representing South Korea.

    I’m say all these, because choosing the nationality to represent comes down to personal level. When you are a player with multiple identity, don’t have any strong feeling toward one, it can be very difficult. In the end, you are asking these players to be single identity when they are not.

  2. Australia’s issues in the WCQ is well documented but its down to a sucession of coaches (Pim and Holger) unable to regenerate the side with younger players. Secondly, it’s down to a ageing squad who’ve become entilted in their lofty place in the national team. E.g. of Luke Wilkshire saying Australian youngsters aren’t good enough FULL stop. This is coming from a guy who was playing for Bristol City when he went in the 06′ WC and being a total unknown. Now he’s one of the highest paid Aus footballers. Also, good old captain Luca$h Neill being disrepectful to the younger generation himself. A great way for a captain to spur on the team. National team is run by the likes of Schwarzer, Neill, Cahill and co. who are more interested in their no. of caps and world cup appearance than the good of the nation in terms of football.

    My Socceroos XI that doesn’t include any of Neill, Schwarzer or Wilkshire is:

    Mat Ryan (Club Brugge); Rhys Williams (Middlesbrough), Ryan McGowan (Shandong Luneng Taishan), Trent Sainsbury (Central Coast Mariners), Jason Davidson (Heracles Almelo); James Holland (Austria Wien), Mark Milligan (Melbourne Victory); Marco Bresciano (Al Gharfa); Robbie Kruse (Bayer Levekusen), Tim Cahill (NY Red Bulls), Tommy Oar (Utrecht).

    There are players but Holger’s been lazy and not wanted to strain from the so called golden generation of Australian football. Sorry for this long winded rant. I just want people to know there’s a lot more at the signs going on. Implore anyone to read this article written in 2005 on the ‘golden generation’ of aus football:

  3. how can england be racist against white people (eastern europeans) and have black players on their national team?

    and nationalism does matter in soccer. that’s why USA wont play important matches in california, texas, florida against mexico because they wont have the home court advantage (due to drastic demographic changes)

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