Behind The Scenes of NBC’s Premier League TV Coverage, Pt. 2 (EPL Talk Bonus Audio)

World Soccer Talk recently had the opportunity to interview NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Pierre Moossa, to sit down and discuss what goes into a typical Saturday broadcast of the Premier League.

Moossa discusses the ins- and outs of NBC’s coverage, as well as discussing his mentors Sam Flood, Dick Ebersol, Fred Gaudelli, Tommy Roy and Jim Bell.

In addition to the Premier League, NFL and the Olympics, today NBC Sports and the 24-hour NBC Sports Network is the proud home of the NHL, Notre Dame Football, horse racing’s triple crown, golf, the French Open and Tour de France, Major League Soccer, IndyCar, and their newest property, Formula One.

The above audio interview is part two of our series, Behind The Scenes of NBC’s Premier League TV Coverage.

Here’s part one:

Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:



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One thought on “Behind The Scenes of NBC’s Premier League TV Coverage, Pt. 2 (EPL Talk Bonus Audio)”

  1. Great interview… We all should thank Mr. Moosa for the way he did his homework and made the correct decisions regarding the Premier League broadcasts. This could have easily went the way of Dave ‘O Brian or dare I say it.. Gus Johnson. Finally someone paid attention to broadcasting history in this country and learned from past mistakes. It took ESPN a while.. They got it.. Now NBC shows they got it, right out of the trap.

    Never forget your CORE fans… Do that right and the rest will follow.

    Would love to hear some BBC feeds SKY SPORTS feeds for some matches… Regardless.. Quality has been top notch.


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