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Bale-Out (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Chelsea visited Manchester United and politics followed. Rafa didn’t get a handshake from Sir Alex as the manager tried to hide his frustration at another collapse in Manchester. Frustration on Fergie’s part is understandable. Rafa coming away as the more reasonable and interesting looking party. The pod break down that tie and how United move forward from here.

Liverpool hosted Spurs and got a ‘surprise’ win as they scored three and conceded two in an attempt to silence Bale and co. Andre looked frustrated – post-game.

Plenty of standout performances. Who was your player of the weekend? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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6 Responses to Bale-Out (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

  1. M Owen says:

    “Liverpool got a surprise win”
    Liverpool and Spurs are most in-form teams at the moment, so why was it a surprise that liverpool won?
    If Suarez and Sturridge had finished off their one on one with the keeper in the first 10 minutes then this game would have been over at minute18.
    Haven’t heard the pod yet…hopefully it’s better than “surprise” headline.

  2. De Selby says:

    Haven’t listened to the pod yet. (I usually save it for Monday morning)

    From what I saw the biggest surprise of the weekend was the nightmarish display by Everton. I don’t remember the last time I saw a quality team like that play so badly. They were shocking.

    On the flip side of that is that after seeing Wigan get demolished at home by Liverpool last week I had finally decided this was the year they weren’t going to avoid the drop. Now I am reconsidering that opinion. Their third goal, by Gomez, may be my favorite of the weekend.

    Speaking of reconsidering, that may be something Kartik might want to do in regard to Reading. I don’t think there are three teams worse than them. And with four of their last nine games against Arsenal, both Manchester clubs, and Liverpool I expect to be saying goodbye to them.

    Big win for Villa. Hoping they stay up.

    The first half of Milwall-Blackburn, while entertaining, could just as easily have been played without a ball. It was brutal. I don’t care who wins the replay. I’m rooting for Wigan to win the Cup.

  3. De Selby says:

    Half the pod on ManU-Chelsea?

    Also, it seems that you forgot to mention the Everton-Wigan match.

  4. trickybrkn says:

    First off, why too much CFC Man U. Secondly, the notion that Man U are somehow worried about FA Cups is a joke.
    In many ways these domestic cups have been marginalized by the money of Europe and for bounce clubs the PL tv money.. Especially for a club like Man U. Rarely in early rounds will Sir Alex use his key players, and if so off the bench. Too often we get lost in the world of fandom to see that the reality is managers have targets. Blackburn sit 16th in the Championship, do you think for a second they wouldn’t swap places with say Watford in the table vs a FA Cup run? Appleton, might save his job for a year if he gets to a FA Cup final, and its Euro qualifier.. But to the club, the money going up is a hugely different. Trust me, as a fan there is nothing better then a cup run. a Banner to wave above the ground, a bit of pride. But I’m telling you that managers and club management have very different priorities. and lastly, I’m so done with the ManUfactured drama from and about Sir Alex. It is the same old story over and over. We get it, he’s a dick with a temper. do you really need discuss that besides a quick mention. Frankly it isn’t interesting. Otherwise , well done.

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