Back To Normal? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

You remember, just a few seasons (more) ago: Arsenal dominated the league with their own brand of football and swagger. What’s new then? Well…this time they do it with a team that wasn’t even supposed to finish the top 4 according to some pundits. What’s changed? To discuss that, the pod look at their performance over the weekend against LFC. A side with a good record against Wenger. That might be changing.

Elsewhere, United ran home whilst City sprinted. Chelsea wanted to go home and Everton stayed home.

On a hot note: the pod talk concussion and how to deal with it in the EPL. Let’s Talk Soccer, World:

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6 thoughts on “Back To Normal? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Just as well Hugo had a CT scan and doesn’t have concussion so he’s been cleared to train and play moving on.

    Lucky? Maybe, but perhaps the science should drive the decisions and policies not the scaremongering litigious ones.

    The USA bases it’s decisions off of the litigious nature of society not just the science.

    The uk has masogonistic issues when it comes to mental health issues, but there is no science that says every head impact leads to concussion. (As Hugo incident reenforces)

    But that doesn’t stop ppl scaremongering.

    1. Something you may want to consider, though, the life changing potential of a brain injury. Someone getting hit that hard has that potential. Bottom line: Lloris is not the one who can assess his status I guarantee many athletes in different sports have played through concussions using similar rationale as Lloris. It took a CT scan to confirm his diagnosis, a pitch-side version of which is not a reality. The protocols in various sports are precautionary as well as therapeutic.

    2. This didn’t begin with with the litigious nature of the society. The main reason CTE and concussion therapies came about was because of the science. Because a tremendous amount of money was invested into looking into TBI and CTE as it pertained to Military and servicemembers in IED’s. Then the litigious nature of society took hold in the NFL Players Association got heavily involved (even more so after Junior Seau’s suicide). But the origins of this were strictly based in science, and not the sports machismo that says “shake it off” and get back in the game. And I would stipulate that not every head trauma results in a concussion, but there are already multiple studies that show even being in a subconcussive state that second hit can be extremely dangerous. If concussion protocols have made it down to youth sports in the US, there is no reason they haven’t been applied in pro leagues everywhere.

  2. Please tell Kartik to wait until the other members are finished talking, and not crowbar in. He seems to shout over the other members of the panel, and everyone halts then his voice lowers a little. He is very loud anyways so when I mean lowers it is still a high shout by certain scales. Also love his commentary.

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