Arsenal First-Last (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The half-way point of the season and frankly: we’re only a little clearer on who could be challenging for a title at this point. 9 and 9 separate the top and bottom 10s, if that makes sense. So where is best to be in the table? Who deserves to be higher and who has been unlucky through Christmas? And with the table changing so rapidly, what is a good indicator of where a team is headed?

David Moyes will be happy with his team at this point, having found something at Norwich. Will AVB be regretting his tactics at Spurs? Has Allardyce taken this team as far as he can? Let’s Talk Soccer, World:

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal First-Last (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Disagree about Spurs not being as effective in attack when Soldado plays…no he hasn’t scored the goals we would want but his link up play has been great… he will offer more as the season progresses, its not like he has been given the service.

    The fact ESPNFC named Soldado the worse transfer sums them up…how Andy Carroll or Downing didn’t win just points out how clueless they are…Serial busts!

    Liverpool playing their best football with arguably the best player in the BPL and alleged “Tittle Contenders” are a massive 2 points ahead of Spurs LMAO. Who are now managed by a Womble and haven’t even remotely hit stride this season….not even close to it.

    Rodgers moaning about his injury list is hilarious, when he has to play Lucas at CB because all the CB’s are injured then he can moan…until then hush Brenda. LFC will begin to fall away, as will Everton with Jagielka being out.

    One more thing…on the crazy off chance that Spurs don’t lose at UTD on Wednesday what would that say about Moyes that he can’t beat a guy who doesn’t even have his UEFA Pro badge,and who tactics are “Run about a bit 2.0”.

    1. Soldado was purchased as an out and out striker not a link up play man. So in that respect he has failed. Right now all he does is assist Adebayor. There are many journeyman players who can do the same job at a fraction of his transfer fee and wages.

      So yes he is a waste of money.

    2. So far Soldado has been a bad transfer but I wouldnt say he is the worst. I also dont think it is his fault for being so pour early on. AVBs tactics hurt Soldado and now that he is getting service he is doing much better and his assist have been great. He will have a much better second half of the seaon.

      1. I don’t think you can look at his lack of service and say it’s his fault he hasn’t scored…his recent misses have been disappointing for sure but you don’t lose his ability overnight, I still think he’ll come good. His unselfish and intelligent play also shows me he’s a great footballer not just a striker.

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