What the Dickens? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self” – so come waste some time with the pod. We feature United and Wigan; discuss Citys with ideas; and look at Chelsea’s derby issue.

Not only the top teams, we look at the creme dela creme in the Champions League, previewing the EPL vs. the world. Whilst Kartik begins to read about history and approaches 800 pages on City.

SAF has kids to play with, praises them and then watches them destroy Wigan. Owen takes three minutes for Stoke. Take a few minutes to join us. Join us. Join us. Join us, in your ears. Or join us with your fingers, be part of the Twitter community:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Morgan: @Morgan_Green

Laurence: @lozcast

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5 thoughts on “What the Dickens? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. I was wondering if any of you have read or are reading “I Am The Secret Footballer” and your thoughts on it. Pretty revealing, in my opinion, and it really humanizes players.

    1. Eddy, I’m making my way through it right now and plan on publishing a review it on EPL Talk. Pretty interesting. Will publish a review soon.

      The Gaffer

  2. I know that the podcast is free, etc, but if you’re going to put yourself forward as a proper, intelligent, serious look at football, you’re going to have to rein in Laurence’s horrific, knee-jerk, incredibly biased comments on Liverpool. It’s getting pathetic.

    1. Hey jimbo,

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. We’re an opinion podcast and as the presenter sometimes it’s my job to spark a debate or take a different view.

      I’d be interested to know which knee-jerk reactions there were in this week’s podcast.



  3. Reading were hyped up by the media as a formidable force before the Spurs game with their impressive home record being touted and showed what they are capable of with a draw against stoke, and v Chelsea going 2-1 up after being 1 down at the bridge..remember Chelsea needed a goal that was 1 yard offside to get back in the game, but when Spurs beat them at home, they aren’t very good and have only a “championship quality Defense”.

    I do agree that you need more than 1 game to vindicate anything, but it does show progress of the squad & AVB with his system. obviously the Lazio performance will add confidence.

    A better quality podcast this week, and more objective this time than the “professional” fox soccer offering.

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