Things are Changing (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

This weekend the pod is in the mood to chat. Encouraging you to listen to the entire podcast, we try to squeeze so much in. There is discussion on United, AVB, LFC and Wenger’s system. Let it flow.

We look through all of the games, assess some of Southampton’s new signings and if a choice of kit is so important. Matt is so happy with the new signings whilst Kristan didn’t see enough in’s, in the North-East. Tranfers still haven’t had the full amount of time to kick in but we get the feeling they can only be an improvement, especially in the back line. Frankly, it’s exciting to see the quality which the league has imported. Spain, they represent right now.

We also address the idea that the league has dropped off in quality over time. Is that true? Have things changed so much in the league that we can’t remember a time of quality or is this some of the best football that we are likely to see? How does the EPL compare to other leagues. Which people will impress in the league this season? Join us, in your ears. Or join us with your fingers, be part of the Twitter community:

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4 thoughts on “Things are Changing (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Morgan I appreciate your efforts with the attempt at statistical analysis of AVB’s record after the 75 minute. Indeed that might be significant or it might be nothing. What’s missing in your analysis is context. Statisitical study without context prevents any conclusion. You studied 1 team’s record in post 75th minute without knowing the other EPL teams records post 75th minute you can’t determine what you information means at all. What’s the average? What are the highs and lows? What kind of teams tend to lose leads late? etc.

    You mention Sir Alex having a great record post 75th minute- my gut agrees with that but then again we don’t know how many of his losses and ties came after the 75th- it’s a gut response- a hunch. But we can probably agree AVB and Sir Alex are not the same level of stewardship but I have no idea how AVB’s record compares with any other EPL manager and neither do you, finish the job. I do appreciate the renewed energy into substance I really do but just don’t forget context.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. To be completely honest it took quite a while to come up with the figures on my own and If I had more time to calculate the rest of the league I would have absolutely done it. I realize the numbers may not have complete context, but there is still something to be said about them and they can still be analyzed.

  2. Hey, guys i like your podcast but i have to say you guys are too harsh on Chelsea
    Chelsea won 3 league titles 4 F.A cup and a Champs League and u say thats all Luck
    except for Mourinho
    Hiddink got robbed in the UCL and won the fa cup in a half season Ancelotti won the league in 2010 set a season point and goal record and several seasons when chelsea did lose to man U it was only by narrow margins
    Whens the last time Man u ran away with league with games to Spare the last team to do that was Chelsea in 05

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