Shake-Up (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

If happiness is valuable then Liverpool must be saving theirs up for a rainy day… Kenny Dalglish, Luis Suarez and the Anfield collective doing their best to share as much depression around the league as possible. Disappointing for a set of supporters who seemed ready to move on after realising their own ridiculous situation. But as it happens, Patrice Evra is no longer the one stuck between a rock and  hard place. KD is…and this rock might be hard to shift.

To assess the fall-out and cave-ins of the weekend, the pod are a collective of four: this week obsessed with Liverpool and how they can move forward after this. Posing more questions than usual and wondering if Liverpool have the ability to attract and spend on a new star.

Football was played in many different positions across the league. It has stacked the next few weeks up quite well as Arsenal and Spurs vie for top dog position in London, looking back at a disjointed Chelsea. How time changes: Bolton embody that idea, looking up at the promoted lovelies of Norwich and Swansea compete to entertain the fans in their own way.

So was football a winner or a loser this weekend? Let the pod know…Tweet along with the match or tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show:

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4 thoughts on “Shake-Up (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. I think Suarez was duped by Evra (maybe Suarez should have made more of an effort) but clearly Evra drops his hand just before Suarez approaches and then Evra makes an issue out of it to draw attention to the referee.
    This aside everyone knows how hypocritical a handshake between these two players would be. There is clearly an issue now between the players.
    Suarez has admitted using the word (unlike certain other players and maybe because HIS culture sees nothing wrong with the word) and has been charged and served his punishment. It is difficult for him to accept the cultural differences and for him to think he has done anything wrong but he has to abide by the rules and laws of the country he is living in.
    If we are to find Suarez’s remarks offensive to Evra then surely Evra’s remarks (Sudaca) to Suarez are offensive.
    If he had he said the English version of that phrase no one would be in any doubt that they have racist connotations. I have been brought up to think that that word was offensive but the word “negro” meant black in Spanish/Portuguese. Surely we all use the word “Black” when referring to payers that are black
    The hysteria that has erupted because of this “on the pitch” incident has been unbelievable and listening to the outcry that reverberated around English football and the English media and footballs in general it is really hard to believe that racism even exists within the game!
    I personally think the whole affair has said a lot about the FA and their lack of understanding of Global and Cultural differences.

    1. Hi Christian,

      I’m just trying to work out if Liverpool homer means I am too pro-Liverpool or anti-Liverpool. Either way, let me know! Thanks for loving the pod :)



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