FA Cup Weekend (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It’s late, but the pod is finally here. This week we put four people into the conversation and discuss United vs. United; United vs. City; and Liverpool vs. The World.

We also discuss the history of the FA Cup, what to expect in the 3rd round and why it is still relevant to the premier league title.

Our featured game of the weekend is City vs. United so give us your thoughts on that through Twitter. Tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Kartik: @kkfla737

Laurence: @lozcast

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One Response to FA Cup Weekend (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

  1. JC says:

    Hey, I love this new time! :) Perfect for someone on the west coast and a good way to end the work week.

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