Euro 2012 Group C Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

It doesn’t get much better than this. Period. Big names, big sides and under-dogs; well mixed in together and all with a point to prove. The difficulty for Group C is that they have been pitted against each other, so in that mix, what does it mean for each side?

Spain still remain the team to beat. That scalp may make them even more motivated to win in this tournament, but now they have proven themselves at two tournaments in a row it doesn’t look like they want to slow down. Italy will be looking to stop that as will a motivated Croatia. Can Ireland shock the tournament and use their Lippi-element to take it to the Spanish?

The surprise factor lies with this group and that is what makes it so compelling. Shock Spain? Crush Croatia. Immunise Italy or rubbish the Rep.? Who can make it through in this group?

The attacking ability of each other these teams is incredible, but how will that play out? We want to hear your view.

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7 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Group C Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. Dear Laurence and the gang,

    Thank you so much for all your insightful podcasts! Have really enjoyed them all season, and these Euro previews are really whetting my appetite for this tournament. Since I’m not expecting any optimistic words on my favorite team Ukraine’s chances, would any of you be brave enough to sign off with “thank you” in Ukrainian for Group D? Hint… it’s “DYA-koo-yoo”. And of course for Kartik: “na-so-LODZH-uy-tes svo-IM fut-BOL-om”. I’ll be listening…


    1. Tim,

      This is amazing! You have just taken the Group D preview to another level.


      Am I right?


  2. One thought for one of these podcasts I have is that this will be the last Euro in its current format. The field expands to 24 in 2016. While I understand that these podcasts are about THIS tournament, I would be interested in the panels thoughts on the change. Also, I think it would serve the listeners well to be aware of this and to savor the 2012 edition as it will probably be the last 3 week, 16 team version of the competition.

    enjoying the ‘casts so far, as expected.

    1. Hi Matt,

      I was thinking the same thing. We’ll definitely get down to that on dailies which start on Friday! Any other subjects, just post them in the comment box (as you do).

      Who’s your team for the tournament?


    2. From an American perspective, we hear some complain about the number of college bowl games for American Football every year. Every year, there are also some that make the argument “is there any such thing as too much football”? I tend to fall on that side of the argument.

      So, I ask . . . “is there any such thing as too much football”? Yea, we’ll probably never get a winner out of those weaker 8 teams out of the 24. But we get more football during a time of year when we would otherwise be starved for it.

  3. Although raised a Yank, I was born a Manc (bad country song in there somewhere) and support England. However, I find myself pleasingly more neutral than ever before, probably due to low expectations. I really want to see Poland do well and will pull for the (non thuggery version) orange to win it once England are done.

    I have a feeling this tournament is going to be considered a classic when it is over.The champs are vulnerable, the heir apparent may have a Bayern hangover and 1/2 the field could conceivably put together a 3 game run once they get past group.

    Thanks for the response.

  4. Correct, Laurence. That’s another way to say it, and in Cyrillic, too – I am duly impressed! Consider me at your service for all your Ukrainian or Russian language needs. And I think it’s “jen-KOO-yeah” in Polish…

    Have a great pod!

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