All The Better To Michu With (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Chelsea fans march on as Rafa feels his way into the role. No one knows what they expected from Rafa joining the club, but somehow here we are…Chelsea losing 3-1 to West Ham. History repeats itself in some ways. Sam looks happy as Benitez can’t quite see what he’s done to deserve this. The pod dissect the long and short of the Chelsea situation: but how does that change the play? What would you do if you were at Chelsea?

Meanwhile at the top of the league Manchester continues to dominate, United with yet another comeback, this time of a different sort. Mancini was less able to engineer a comeback as Everton held City at the Etihad, frustration isn’t quite showing through yet though.

One frustrated set of fans? Oh, just Arsenal. They are watching a team flatter and deceive all at the same time. Beaten by Arsenal 2.0 this week: Swansea are progressing nicely. How high can they climb up the table? Let the pod know:

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