Aftermath (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Mid-week games are always so positive in the league. They can shape our perceptions of a side, because we see them outside of the usual ‘weekend’ context of intensity and scrutiny. Though it can also open a team up to a true analysis. With that in mind, the pod discuss the return of Carlito and Mancini’s tactical acumen as we enter the final part of the season.

We also preview the weekend’s football and take a look at whether QPR’s win actually makes a difference to their season. Does belief make such a difference?

We also look at Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs. What does the top four hold for them? Tweet along with the tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show:

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2 thoughts on “Aftermath (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

  1. Love the podcast guys, the insight is always spot-on and entertaining. I am just commenting on maybe a way to improve the technical aspects of the recordings. A lot of recent times I notice the phone connections are bad, or you can barely hear what someone says because of a rustle in the background. Now I’m not sure exactly how you all record an episode, but maybe at least be aware of the throat-clears and coughs and whatnot in the future. Since this is what I’d consider a professional podcast, a bit of production value can go a long way. Cheers.

    1. Hey Todd,

      Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree with you. Production values do go a long way! We’re always trying to improve them. We record over Skype so sometimes it’s not ideal, but I try to get the best out of the sound. For me the content is most important, whether it’s battered and bruised or not, but I agree: a conversation which is nice to listen to > A conversation in a crisp-packet.

      Glad to have you onboard!


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