Two Horse Race (Weekend Review): EPL Talk Podcast

A spectacular Wayne Rooney goal capped a 2-1 Manchester United victory Saturday, but did the loss shove the Citizens out of the title race? On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna talk about Saturday’s big match, one that keeps United five pionts clear at the top of the league.

But although we spend some time talking about this weekend’s derby, we take time on this week’s show to look at the bottom of the table – a relegation battle that few clubs have been able to escape. Where six of the seven bottom teams got points this weekend, today seemed a good day to catch-up on what’s going on at the bottom of the table.

Finally, we look at the week’s upcoming matches. Chelsea goes to Craven Cottage to take on Fulham on Monday, needing three points to keep pace with Tottenham, no in fourth place. Then, Champions League forces its way back onto the agenda. On Tuesday, Spurs are in Milan while Wednesday brings the Emirates a visit from Arsenal.

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