Tribute to Gary Speed (EPL Talk Review)

This EPL Talk podcast is in tribute and includes a tribute to Gary Speed, passing at the age of 42 most regard this as a tragedy in football and on a personal level. Many in and outside of the press were shocked and saddened by the news which broke on Sunday morning. We regard this as a time to mourn and celebrate Gary for his achievements and memories. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the Craig Bellamy interview, in which he pays tribute to Gary Speed just a few months ago:

In this weeks pod we also review the action, starting at Anfield where Roberto met Kenny and Liverpool “dominated” but looked lucky to come away with all eleven men and one point. Super Mario strikes again, but not in a good way…

What is wrong with United? Sir Alex can’t say, but he can continue to fume about the penalty which gave Alan “Par-du” and his team a draw at Old Trafford.

And of course, we look around the rest of the action in the English Premier League.

Tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show, as we enter the international break this is a great time to look at the league and see who is going up or breaking down:

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2 thoughts on “Tribute to Gary Speed (EPL Talk Review)”

  1. Thanks for the long tribute to Gary Speed.

    I wanted to write about something else following up on something that Kartik (I think) said about Suarez.
    I have not watched the Man City match yet, but I watched the Liverpool matches against Norwich, Swansea, Stoke (Carling Cup), Chelsea, and West Brom in their entirety. He has not been diving very much at all. Against Norwich, he had a clear penalty denied because the ref thought it was a dive. Against West Brom he got the penalty, but he did not dive. Paul Scharner and Roy Hodgson need to watch the penalty decision again. Granted it was a soft penalty, but Suarez did not dive. He was knocked off his feet, and then got straight up and went towards the ball. Scharner and Hodgson should be disappointed at the defender as it was an incredibly stupid foul (albeit soft). Against Stoke, he stayed on his feet multiple times when most players would have gone down for a penalty.
    Since the ManU match, he has not been diving much at all. The press has their narrative and they will stick with it as there is no benefit (or catchy story) to saying that Suarez is not diving. Even in the ManU match, Suarez did exaggerate some fouls, but the worst dive was actually by Downing. The most dives were by Ashley Young and Evra. Alex Ferguson comes out after the match saying that Suarez is diving after Evra rolls around on the pitch for about a minute after being tapped.
    The point is that every top team has players that dive, but Suarez has been singled out because of his first 6 months. Even as a Liverpool fan, the first six months was disturbing – but this season (and especially after the ManU match), he has not been diving nearly as much. But the press has its narrative and they will roll with it.

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