The Gaffer (EPL Talk Interview)

In an EPL Talk Special we speak with the creator of the Talk Network – Christopher Harris, a.k.a. The Gaffer.

We discuss the season so far and who he thinks deserve a special commendation in 2011. We also look at the highlights of the season so far and what The Gaffer expects in 2012.

There is also a look back at how EPL Talk has changed and how Chris sees the format of the site evolving as blogging continues to permeate the sporting hierarchy.

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3 thoughts on “The Gaffer (EPL Talk Interview)”

  1. Always good to hear about the upcoming plans for the website. I have been waiting for Euro 2012 myself for a long time. I think the London games also will produce some very exciting football.

    After all these years Chris has remained first and foremost a fan of the league and the game and it makes the website the best for fans both in the US and abroad. That’s why the site has stayed so fresh and so popular.

    Chris deserves credit for part of the growth of the interest in the league in the US and why we have the vast tv coverage that we do have. The networks where able to see from his family of websites the great interest in the game and what the fans wanted.

    Keep up the good work and have a Happy New Year!

  2. Loved the podcast. Unfortunately, I usually only have time to listen to it when I run. In this podcast Chris’s voice, particularly any time he said anything with an “S” in it, was just piercing to my ears! Loved what he had to say, but I had to keep changing the volume up when you spoke and waaaaay down when he did. :(

    Seriously though, keep it up guys. Getting ready for a long run today and I’ll be listening to yesterday’s podcast. Looking forward to it! Thanks for keeping me company on my runs!

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