Perception of Progression

Progression is the ‘buzz-word’ of the podcast this week. As Manchester continues to rule the roost, Laurence McKenna, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Jesse Chula begin to discuss if this is a sustainable run of form. With London reemerging in the league this weekend the competition is hotting up, but none of the title contenders seem to have been seriously tested so far.

With progress in mind, all English teams will be looking to shimmy through the group stages of the Champions League. There is a preview of the games to come for Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. How do they match up in week one? Does this EPL season starting earlier than La Liga and Serie A give EPL sides an advantage?
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5 thoughts on “Perception of Progression”

  1. Please, Kartik. Jesse’s right in saying City’s got 2 A squads. You don’t have to downplay them because you don’t want to sound partisan – sometimes, fact and partisanship are the same thing – like in this case.

  2. And also, don’t understand why people are so afraid to anoint City as what they are, the best team in the league. Just because in the past they haven’t been top has no bearing on this team, who clearly is above everybody except their neighbors in red…Can’t wait til City meet Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc. and keep knocking in goals.

  3. I really enjoy the content each week and find it a well thought out and engaging podcast, but the background noise is a bit disturbing at times. It ranges from what sounds like someone biting an apple and chewing it in the mike to crumpling paper and doodling with a fat tip marker. In the name of professionalism, please hit the mute button!

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