Looking Forward To The Weekend (EPL Talk Podcast)

The return of the preview podcast. It brings a whole host of interesting issues with it! Kartik Krishnaiyer and Joseph Weathered join Laurence McKenna to talk about the break, TV and local rivalry.

The pod sums up some of the positive aspects of international football as we start to work towards the next break. If you want to have your say or contribute to the EPLTalk Podumentary about the relationship between international football the league then email laurencemckenna@epltalk.com . All ideas and angles are welcome and worth voicing. Audio and text welcome along with suggestions on the angles you would like to see explored in the podcast.

TV rights dominate the news and so Kartik and Joseph thrash out Liverpool vs. The World. Is it all it is cracked up to be, or has Ian Ayre just spoken his mind?

As with all Preview podcasts there is plenty of coverage for the weekend. Liverpool vs. United is the featured game, but other local derbies also show off the strength and depth of the league.

To express your views as you listen to the podcast get in touch through Twitter: @epltalk, @lozcast, @kkfla737, @jdoubleU9479

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2 thoughts on “Looking Forward To The Weekend (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. Just a clarification. Denmark against Portugal was shown live on ESPN3.com for viewers in the United States.

    The Gaffer

  2. Just a polite note on a particular expression. I think the term Kartik is looking for is to blood or be blooded not bloodletting….

    i.e. ‘it’s a good opportunity to blood some players or to get some players blooded’

    Isn’t bloodletting a treatment for sickness?

    I still enjoy the pod so I’ll not debate the use number vs amount with you (yet).

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