Derby Delights (Premier League Weekend Review Show, Gameweek 7)

The pod focuses on the local clashes this week. The north east and London were both treated to a double bill of local rivalry. We take a look at what a difference local rivalry makes to the league and how geography can change ‘just another match’.

Referees were at the centre of the controversy this weekend with missed penalty calls and harsh decisions. Is a closer relationship between player and referee necessarily a better thing? Phil Neville doesn’t seem to think so. And the pod takes a look at how convincing United were against promoted Norwich, whilst Chelsea flowed past Bolton.

With the international break upon us we want your views on the season so far. What have been critical points for you? What topics crop up all the time and where needs to be given more focus. Email Laurence McKenna or comment below to share your ideas and we will bring them up on the next set of pods, which will continue throughout the break.

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Let us know whether you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in this episode. Make your voice heard in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Derby Delights (Premier League Weekend Review Show, Gameweek 7)”

  1. I dont get why you guys dislike International Football so much. The drama around the USMNT is much more interesting to me than the fixture between any two EPL teams. I like watching football but i just dont have the emotional connection to the EPL that i do to the stars and stripes and the greater future of the beautiful game in the states.

    1. Hi tgp,

      Agreed, it’s kinda a carry-over from years and shows gone by. We’re gonna discuss it during the international break. It’s half-skit/half-affection. We did World Cup Buzz and enjoyed that, it’s all about timing really.

      There’s a pod to come on it soon!

      The stars and stripes still have a great ability to raise that emotional connection…


    2. The USMNT is covered quite a bit on our sister podcast, MLS Talk, at

      Also please note that many of our listeners don’t live in the US, so they’re not going to be interested in hearing about the USMNT.

      Personally I’ve lost a lot of interest in the international game because of how inept (and corrupt) FIFA is. They’ve ruined it for me. Plus the international qualification for tournaments are so long and drawn out, and so many of the matches are boring.

      The Gaffer

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