A Return To Glory: Midweek Review and Weekend Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

The Carling Cup has thrown up some interesting situations for our EPL our the past few years. But with so much significance put on the big competitions it can be forgotten. This week’s podcast looks at why the League Cup still holds significance for so the league.

To start, we digest Owen Hargreaves comments about his rehabilitation at Manchester United. Was he right to speak out now or is this just press hype? Sir Alex will voice his opinion in the Friday press conference but hear what Jesse Chula and Kartik Krishnaiyer have to say before anyone else.

We also preview the action to come this weekend. Whilst it isn’t a big weekend for ‘top of the table’ clashes there are going to be some challenges for the top teams in the league. The pod review the chances of an upset after the fairly convincing displays from all of our regular winners. The conclusion: the best clash of the weekend doesn’t always involve a champion.

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Let us know whether you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in this episode. Make your voice heard in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “A Return To Glory: Midweek Review and Weekend Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. Good podcast. I really enjoy listening to you guys. As a Newcastle supporter I am a little disappointed there was no mention of the return of Hatem Ben Arfa midweek, especially with the heavy emphasis on Hargreaves and Owen as I think it would have been an easy transition to mention Ben Arfa in that conversation.

  2. On numerous responses I could barely make out what Kartik Krishnaiyer was saying. Was this unique to me or was he having phone problems? Shame, that.

    In spite of the audio troubles, please keep up the good work.

    1. Hi JC,

      We had a few audio problems with Skype this week. Kartik was choppy at times. I hope it didn’t make things too tricky to listen to. Were all or just some poor audio? I’ve listened back and picked out a few but not all. Just for quality sake I’d like to know.

      Thanks for the feedback and positivity! It’s so good to have!


      1. Some of his responses were unintelligible, particularly in the beginning of the show (first 10-15 minutes), but not all of them.



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