English Premier League Weekend Review, Luke Moore Interview: EPL Talk Podcast

There wasn’t much to talk about around the Premier League this weekend. Not only did seven of nine fixtures meet with postponement, but none of the league’s top five teams were in action. As a result, our normal weekend review show that strains to make it in under an hour has no material, so aside from a brief conversation between myself and co-host Laurence McKenna, we shift focus.

On thie edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, The Football Ramble’s Luke Moore joins me to discuss the Blackburn coaching position, his support of a newly relegated club (Portsmouth), Carlo Ancelotti’s stewardship of Chelsea, Spurs’ title hopes, Champions League, and how history will remember this Barcelona side.

Luke was kind enough to join me last Friday for a longer interview, parts of which will be released in the coming month. Today, we hear he joins us to help fill in the gaps left my an orphaned Premier League weekend.

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