Interview with Toby Charles: World Soccer Talk Podcast

After searching for two years to locate him, World Soccer Talk has found Toby Charles and has interviewed the football commentating legend about the impact he’s had on viewers in North America, his memories of German soccer, his thoughts about Martin Tyler, who his famous cousins were, his favorite Bundesliga team and much much more.

Toby Charles’s commentaries are legendary in soccer circles, especially among children and adults in the 80s who were deprived of watching much soccer on television. His show ran on PBS from 1976 to 1988 and featured highlights of Bundesliga matches.

The phrases he used during his commentaries are legendary, and are still remembered by many soccer fans over 30 years later. And the impact he made can be better understood by this heartfelt letter to Toby Charles we published in 2008.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of one of his commentaries here:


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5 thoughts on “Interview with Toby Charles: World Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. wonderful interview with the incomparable Toby Charles…back in the day 1970’s i loved to listen to Toby as much as i watched the game. his colorful comments kept me entertained if not exceeding the play on the pitch…well done all!

  2. I thought I’d prep for Sunday’s final by re-listening to this great, great interview.

    This is almost seven years old now, but it still delivers. What memories this brings up for those of us of a certain generation ….

    Well done, Gaffer!

    1. Thanks Mike. It was one of the most memorable interviews I did. Glad that soccer fans are still getting enjoyment out of it.

  3. Great stuff. I was a regular viewer of Soccer Made in Germany on Sunday mornings in the 70s. Very much enjoyed hearing Toby again. Wish I’d found this seven years ago!

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