EPL Talk Show: 06/07 Premiership Finale

Episode 1 of the EPL Talk Show is the first live interactive football chat. Special guests on the episode include Steven Cohen (World Soccer Daily), John Nicholson (Football 365), Phil McThomas (Soccer Shout) and Brian Koski (Championship Talk). Topics discussed include whether the EPL has reached the peak of its popularity in the United States and, if not, what else can we expect to see. Also debated is what changes need to happen in the Premier League. During the second portion of the EPL Talk Show, co-host BCJohn and The Gaffer discuss the impact that ESPN would have on soccer if it acquired Setanta Sports, why there’s opposition to the potential takeover of Arsenal by American billionaire Stan Kroenke, what needs to happen at Manchester City this summer, and who will be going down on the last day of the Premiership season. Listen now.

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