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  1. EPL Talk: Setanta & Dish Network

    In episode 77, EPL Talk features an exclusive interview with Setanta executive Shane O’Rourke where the announcement is made regarding their agreement with Dish Network to carry Setanta Sports. O’Rourke answers all of the questions regarding the huge announcement and … Continue reading

  2. EPL Talk: Phil Lines (Premier League)

    Episode 76 features an interview with Phil Lines, the Head of International Broadcasting & Media Operations at the Premier League. During the conversation, Lines discusses how fans in the U.S. may soon be able to hear Five Live commentaries, the … Continue reading

  3. EPL Talk: Howard Rogers

    Episode 75 features an interview with Howard Rogers, the co-host of the World Soccer Daily radio show. The background about Rogers, who took the place of Nick Geber, isn’t known that well, so we delve into how he became a … Continue reading

  4. EPL Talk: Peter Lawlor

    Episode 74 features an interview with Peter Lawlor, the composer and producer responsible for the new English Premier League theme song entitled “My Saturday Self.” Lawlor discusses his inspiration for the track, the parallels between rock’n roll and soccer, and … Continue reading

  5. EPL Talk: John Devlin (True Colours)

    Episode 73 features an interview with John Devlin, author of a two volume book entitled True Colours that delves into the fascinating topic of football kits. His books required exhaustive research to compile all of the modern kits for your … Continue reading

  6. EPL Talk: Mike Ingham

    In episode 72, the feature guest is Mike Ingham, the famous BBC football commentator who has commentated on England around the world, and some of the biggest matches in the game of soccer. During this rare interview, Ingham discusses his … Continue reading

  7. EPL Talk: Peter Hargitay

    In episode 71, Peter Hargitay (special adviser to FIFA President Sepp Blatter) responds to the allegations made against him and FIFA from the recent interview with Andrew Jennings. Plus, Hargitay answers questions on many FIFA-related topics such as Jack Warner, … Continue reading

  8. EPL Talk: Duncan Hamilton

    Episode 70 features an interview with Duncan Hamilton, author of the new book entitled “Provided You Don’t Kiss Me: 20 Years With Brian Clough.” During the interview, Hamilton discusses what Clough was really like, his memories of his first meeting … Continue reading

  9. EPL Talk: Andrew Jennings

    Episode 69 features an interview with investigative reporter Andrew Jennings, who has blown the cover off the FIFA corruption scandals and tells us about all of the dirty deeds that FIFA is committing in the name of football. During the … Continue reading

  10. Major League Soccer Talk: Episode 1

    Episode 1 of the Major League Soccer Talk is hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer. The inaugural show features an interview with The Gaffer from EPL Talk and discussions with two Major League Soccer Talk correspondents about the MLS, David Beckham, LA … Continue reading

  11. EPL Talk: Rodney Marsh

    Episode 68 of the EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with Rodney Marsh, the former Tampa Bay Rowdies, Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City and Fulham star who has recently been working as a football pundit for Sky Sports and Talk … Continue reading

  12. EPL Talk Show: Champions League Final

    Episode 2 of the EPL Talk Show, an interactive football chat show recorded live over the Internet, features guest co-host John Nicholson from Football 365 fame discussing the outcome of the 2007 Champions League Final, his impressions about soccer fans … Continue reading

  13. EPL Talk: JP Dellacamera

    JP Dellacamera is the featured guest in episode 67 of the EPL Talk Podcast. The legendary U.S. soccer commentator shares his insight into his most memorable career moments including the Shot Heard Round the World as well as the 1999 … Continue reading

  14. EPL Talk: Peter Brown (Divers & Cheats)

    Episode 66 showcases an interview with Peter Brown, co-host of the Divers & Cheats Podcast. Brown, a Hollywood writer and editor, discusses what changes he would make at Fox Soccer Channel given the opportunity, the best and worst of football … Continue reading

  15. EPL Talk Show: 06/07 Premiership Finale

    Episode 1 of the EPL Talk Show is the first live interactive football chat. Special guests on the episode include Steven Cohen (World Soccer Daily), John Nicholson (Football 365), Phil McThomas (Soccer Shout) and Brian Koski (Championship Talk). Topics discussed … Continue reading

  16. EPL Talk:

    Episode 65 features an interview with Tim Glynne-Jones from The former BBC Match of the Day Magazine editor explains how football fans can sign up to buy a Football League team and vote on which players should play and … Continue reading

  17. EPL Talk: Ian Plenderleith

    Episode 64 features an interview with Ian Plenderleith, football author and writer who has lived in the States for approximately 10 years and has a unique perspective about how the American brand of the game compares to soccer in the … Continue reading